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In the News (2009)

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Zing Magazine by James Fuller · 12/09
Adonal Foyle, Homegrown Hero
When NBA star, Adonal Foyle hit the big time in the States, it would have been easy for him to forget...Instead he has poured time, money and energy into a charitable organisation that is changing the lives of the kids back home. This is his - and their - story..."

HOOP Magazine by Michelisa Lanche #17 · 12/09
According to Foyle
For two years Adonal Foyle has served as our Literary Editor...This issue we get to know the man behind the pen a bit better as he talks about his Kerosene Lamp Foundation.

NBA News by Fran Blinebury · 11/09
Veteran Foyle spreads Thanksgiving magic by reaching out
"As athletes, we are not special because we are bigger, taller and might have significantly more money than the average person," Foyle said. "Our position in life does not make us someone who should have influence automatically. But since we do have the position, we should try to make the most of it."

Fox12Idaho.com by Mike Vogel · 09/09
Humanitarian Hall of Fame Induction
Some athletes, like Orlando Magic center Adonal Foyle, already know what they want to do off the court. Giving back to the community is a lesson his grandmother drilled into him.

Idaho Press-Tribune by John Wustrow · 09/09
Three more set to enter Hall
Orlando Magic center Adonal Foyle, retired MLS midfielder Diego Gutierrez and U.S. hurdler Tracy Mattes will all be inducted into the World Sports Humanitarian Hall of Fame.

San Francisco Chronicle by Janny Hu · 09/09
Catching up with...Adonal Foyle
We were able to (reach) 1,500 kids over two weeks, and it was absolutely amazing. I mean, these kids come out barefoot, they have absolutely no shoes, no nothing, and they just go through this whole day of training and learning.

KTOP TV (Oakland, CA) · 08/09
Local TV coverage of KLF Court Refurbishment Project
15 minute video featuring KLF's Adonal Foyle, Councilman Larry Reid, Good Tidings Foundation Founder Larry Harper, Oakland's Parks & Recreation Director Audrey Jones-Taylor, and KLF's Executive Director Shiyana Valentine.

Searchlight · 08/09
AAA Launched
The initiative is part of KLF, the brainchild of Adonal Foyle, this countryís first and lone NBA basketballer. The AAA is an enrichment programme that caters for young individuals outside the formal educational system.

True Hoop on ESPN.com by Henry Abbott · 08/09
Adonal Foyle, Altruism and Happiness
The key to the camps Foyle said, is to make it all about the kids, many of whom are commonly expected to be seen but not heard. "We are being of service to them," says Foyle. "A lot of people don't give them what they want."

Times Herald (Solano and Napa counties, CA) · 08/09
St. Pat's grad Ruiz helps out Foyle's camp
Ruiz joined Adonal and a handful of current and former NBA players to work as counselors and instructors for a series of basketball camps for youth in some of the poorer neighborhoods of the Caribbean Islands through Foyle's Kerosene Lamp Foundation.

CNN Headline News (international) · 08/09
CNN True Champions
CNN Headline news features KLF's Adonal Foyle as a True Champion.

Athlebrities.com · 08/09
NBA Players in the Community
And of course, we canít overlook the incredible work Adonal Foyle is doing right now. His Kerosene Lamp Foundation camps in St. Vincent and the Grenadines have seen nearly 1,000 kids in just a few daysÖ

Searchlight · 07/09
Adonal Foyle Camp broadens in scope
More and more aspects continue to be added to the annual Adonal Foyle Camp.

Sporting News Today · 07/09
Off the Field
Mention of the start of the 2009 Athletics & Academics Island Youth Camps.

ESPN Radio (AM 1080, Orlando, FL) · 07/09
Tuck & O'Neil Show
Adonal Foyle discusses the 2009 Athletics & Academics Island Youth Camps with Tuck and Jerry O'Neil.

KNBR Radio (AM 680/1080, SF Bay Area) · 07/09
Fitz & Brooks Show
Adonal Foyle discusses the NBA Finals and the 2009 Athletics & Academics Island Youth Camps with Rod Brooks.

Athlebrities.com · 07/09
Adonal Foyle to Host Camps in St. Vincent & the Grenadines
One of the hardest working guys in the NBA is Adonal Foyle - aside from his on-court contributions, this Magic player is truly hands-on in off-court activity for his Kerosene Lamp Foundation.

ESPN · 05/09
KLF on NBA Cares
KLF is featured during Game 3 of the NBA Playoffs Eastern Conference Semifinals game: Boston Celtics at Orlando Magic.
Video clip coming soon

St. Vincent & the Grenadines's Business Roundtable (Channel 9) · 04/09
KLF Executive Director interviewed on SVG Business Roundtable
Shiyana Valentine was interviewed by Cleo Huggins for a local business television show in St.Vincent & the Grenadines to discuss our work with youth; produced by Island Koncepts. Video clip coming soon

FOX 35 Orlando Morning Show · 04/09
Magic Player helping kids
KLF Founder woke up early to discuss our work on the FOX 35 Morning Show.

True Hoop on ESPN.com by Henry Abbott · 04/09
Eight Things to Know About Adonal Foyle
Orlando's Adonal Foyle is the NBA player you want your children to grow up to be. Sophisticated, funny, friendly, and even a little heroic.

Progressive Avenue · 03/09
Conversation: A Perfect Birthday Gift is Supporting Kerosene Lamp Foundation's March $10K Campaign
As youíre spending time trying to figure out what the perfect birthday give would be for someone, why donít you consider donating to that personís favorite charity?

ESPN Online · 03/09
NBA Today Podcast
Adonal Foyle discusses Kerosene Lamp Foundation and the MVP race with ESPN Radio's Jason Smith.

790 The Ticket (Miami) · 03/09
the Dan Le Batard Show
Adonal Foyle discusses Kerosene Lamp Foundation and more with Dan Le Batard and Jon "Stugotz" Weiner.

Sports Byline USA · 03/09
Sports Byline USA · Part 1 · Part 2
Adonal Foyle discusses the NBA and Kerosene Lamp Foundation with Ron Barr.

WKXZ FM99.3 · 03/09
Colgate Radio
Adonal Foyle discusses Kerosene Lamp Foundation and his experience in the Patriot League with Eric Malanoski during half-time of the Colgate-Holy Cross Patriot League semifinal game.

ESPN Radio (AM1080, Orlando) · 03/09
The Daniels & Bianchi Show
Adonal Foyle discusses Kerosene Lamp Foundation with Marc Daniels & Mike Bianchi.

Sporting News Today · 03/09
Off the Field
Adonal Foyle is upping the ante.

ESPN Radio · 03/09
The Brian Kenny Show
Adonal Foyle discusses Kerosene Lamp Foundation with Brian Kenny.

KNBR Radio (AM 680/1080, SF Bay Area) · 03/09
Fitz & Brooks Show
Adonal Foyle discusses Kerosene Lamp Foundation with Bob Fitzgerald & Rod Brooks.

Athlebrities.com · 03/09
Charity Madness: Adonal Foyle Lights Way for Kids
Now, some of you may be wondering why I chose to Adonal Foyle and his charity work. Several reasons...one, the beast received a Community Contribution award from the NBA Players Association during All Star Weekend.

The Source · 03/09
NBPA Executive Committee and Community Contribution Award
The Source discusses KLF Founder, Adonal Foyle's role on the NBA Players Union and his Community Contribution Award.

Orlando Sentinel · 02/09
Find out why Magic's Foyle has some big fans in Denver
In a time when professional athletes are taking so many "black eyes" in the media...I thought it might be nice to share a positive story.

BizBash · 02/09
NBA Player Hosts Caribbean-Themed Fund-Raiser for Youth
NBA player Adonal Foyle appealed to the local Vincentian population to support his first Toronto fund-raiser Saturday.

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