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Letter from Adonal, Founder and President of Kerosene Lamp Foundation

adonal-posing-with-child-kerosene-lamp-foundationIn the pitch-black nights on the Caribbean island of Canouan (my childhood home), the kerosene lamp offered my only light. As kerosene was very expensive, my grandmother limited the amount of time the lamp burned each night, so I took advantage of every minute. By the warm glow of the lamp, I read of places and possibilities far beyond my island home and learned to dream big dreams. Through hard work and determination, I have been able to turn those dreams into reality.

Kerosene Lamp Foundation (KLF) gives me a chance to transfer my basketball skills to impoverished youth and show them how those skills can be applied beyond the court. I will also use KLF as a forum to talk to about the importance of education and health awareness and hope to bring vital issues such as HIV/AIDS and illiteracy to the forefront. As KLF grows we will refurbish and build basketball courts in low-income neighborhoods to leave youth with a lasting reminder of my belief in their potential, not just to play basketball, but also to live healthy and productive lives.

I know that I am very fortunate to realize my dream of playing in the NBA. While electricity now provides my reading light in the dark hours of the night, the kerosene lamp lives on in my heart as a reminder of how much difference a bit of light can bring to those who have so little and need so much.

Please join me in providing some of that light through the Kerosene Lamp Foundation. Together, we can offer hope, knowledge and opportunity to the future leaders of tomorrow.

Thank you for your Support,

Adonal Foyle
Founder & President

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