Basketball Court Refurbishment Programs

Adonal believes in the importance of having a safe place to play, while understanding the fundamental values that sports offer to children. To that end, Adonal has been committed to refurbishing basketball courts in the Caribbean, as well as the United States. In 2009, KLF began refurbishing basketball courts, with the first one at the East Oakland Recreational Center.

Promotion of Education

Kerosene Lamp Foundation is empowering at-risk youth to develop a passion for learning and become literate adults through various activities:


KLF is embarking on a very important initiative to give students the opportunity to attend college through need- and merit-based scholarships. So far, KLF has four student-athletes in the program.  All are the first in their family to attend college.  College plays an important role in a young person’s growth and development in their search for a career and brighter future.


KLF truly embraces the importance of a literate society and advocates the importance of reading to children. It is Adonal’s goal to make sure everyone understands that reading can lead to receiving a quality education as they get older. For this, Adonal has developed a four-pronged approached to his Literacy Program:

1) KLF has participated in programs that involve the restoration of libraries, the first being on his home island of Canouan, where he created his first Reading and Learning Center. KLF also partnered with the University of Central Florida to renovate and stock the Bequia Library. KLF has proceeded to donate books to libraries all over the Caribbean.

2) Adonal is using his children’s book Too-Tall Foyle Finds His Game to encourage young students to read. He partners with schools to hold “Too Tall Foyle” assemblies at their libraries, where he reads to children.

3) KLF partnered with Scholastic Book Fairs to host books fairs at Title 1 schools and ensure that every child is able to select a free book with their parents in addition to buying books at reduced prices.  In conjunction with the book fair, we hosted family nights where students and their entire families were invited to participate in read-aloud sessions, make books together and have dinner. We also held workshops to train parents on how to create a reading-friendly environment at home and help their child become a better reader.

4) KLF partners with local libraries to promote additional literacy programs. Currently KLF is working in Central Florida by supporting the Orange County Library System’s License to Learn campaign (an initiative to equip every elementary student in Orange County with a library card) and Summer Reading Program.


Last year, Adonal and the Kaiser Permanente Walnut Creek Wellness Committee partnered up to provide backpacks with school supplies to 35 children. KLF is eager to continue this program and will look to provide more backpacks to Bay Area students each year. KLF continues to look for opportunities to adopt Bay Area schools to its Backpack Program.


Our first event took place on April 24, 2012 at Grand Avenue Primary School in Orlando, FL, for over 400 kids (Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 2) and their parents & siblings. Thanks to Glen “Big Baby” Davis Foundation and the Orange County Library System for joining us! The event included a Parent Literacy workshop to provide family members with tips and other resources to help them read with and for their children and a Klutz Build-a-Book activity that allowed families to create their own book to take home. Last year our book fair allowed the school to add 397 new books to the school library. Those 397 books, when each read once, results in 71,460 reading minutes. Additionally, the fair allowed the children to receive 850 books for their home libraries, resulting in 144,000 reading minutes.


In 2009, KLF launched our first program to encourage male out-of-school youths in St. Vincent to continue their education. The government already offers free continuing education classes at beautiful new Learning Resource Centers, and KLF is assisting the government with boosting their attendence rates by offering prizes for male youths who sign our learning contract to improve their reading skills. Prizes include cash incentives, NBA clothing and equipment, and learning aids. July, 2009 – KLF held a party at the New Montrose Courts to kick off the program and sign up interested participants. The party featured KLF’s own Adonal Foyle as guest of honor. During the event, Adonal made a passionate appeal to attendees to strive for self-improvement, especially in the area of education, and to not give up when faced with difficult work. He also judged basketball skills competitions and gave skills tips to attendees. 17 youths have since graduated from the program receiving a congratulatory stipend for their effort.


KLF has established its first Reading and Learning Center at Canouan Government School (CGS) in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. CGS is the only public school in Canouan, and thus was the best location to ensure access by all children on the island. The Center is equipped with a range of books along supplementary learning equipment including computers, a television, DVD player, and assorted educational flash cards and board games to supplement the children’s formal academic experience.


Technology is now the gateway to almost anyone’s path to success – especially young minds. KLF piloted its Laptop Program in the Caribbean, where the highest ranked graduating elementary student at Canouan Government School received a laptop to assist them in secondary school. This program has now been extended to the United States, and KLF is in the process of identifying participating schools in the coming months and establishing a criteria for qualified students to receive laptops for high school and college.

Previous Laptop Recipients

  • 2008 Roberto Stephens
  • 2009 Dereice Derrick
  • 2011 Aaron Sandy

The objective of the Express Yourself Art & Essay Competition (EYC) is to motivate school-aged youth to develop and articulate opinions on issues of significance to their lives. The first EYC was held in 2008 and entrants are asked to write on topics ranging from how the rules of basketball can be applied to life to how to help prevent the spread of HIV. Younger students were asked to use art to depict themselves making healthy lifestyle choice. Nine winners were selected ranging in age from five to fifteen years old, and prizes ranged from Dell laptop computers and a Leapfrog Learning computer to electronic dictionaries, books and reading flashcards.